Forgot to book that flight until the last minute then got caught with the most expensive fare?  Missed a meeting as you forgot to put it in your diary?  Get to the end of the day and have 11 voicemail messages?

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Virtual Personal Assistant

Running your business means your finger has to be on the pulse at all times which means that all the little things matter.  But, at the end of the day you went into business because you are an expert in your field.  Leave the admin to us – this is our area of expertise.   To help with the detail our virtual assistants can assist with:

Diary, email and event management

All you need to do is give us access to your diary and email account and leave the rest to us. We can monitor and filter you emails deleting all the unnecessary junk that makes its way into your inbox and alert you to important emails.  We can set you up with scheduling software to make arranging appointments easy for you and your clients

Remote telephone answering service

How many calls you do get in a day that don’t even need your specific attention? In today’s modern digital world, we answer calls on your behalf, noting down those that need your attention and eliminate those timewasters; or perhaps you need appointments booked – we can sort it all.


Travel arrangements (including booking airfares and accommodation)

Booking travel is one of those things that if left to the last minute can be hugely expensive or even changing travel arrangements can prove to be a hassle. Tell us your requirements and leave the rest to us.

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You’ve booked your travel (flights, accommodation, rental car etc.), you receive various confirmations across pages and pages of paper and nothing is in your diary. We can create an ‘easy to read’ itinerary and ensure all the important information (confirmation numbers, contact details etc.) are easy to access, follow and in accessible in your diary.



Save time by automating those things that can be setup easily and don’t actually require your physical presence such as automatic responses to emails, digital signatures for letters, documents and contracts, sending invoices and bill payments to name a few.


Implementation of the technology and processes & procedures to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Rest assured, using our virtual assistants you won’t have an excuse to miss any appointments going forward.

Virtual Assistant Services

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