Unfortunately, we regularly see inaccurate accounting files.  Sometimes its that your gut is telling you something isn’t right but you’re unsure what that something is.


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Accounting Software Audits

Maybe you’ve had a staff member leave or go on leave and things just aren’t adding up on the accounts front. Perhaps you just want peace of mind to know that everything is up to date and accurate and that all your processes and procedures are in place and working.

Common issues we find as part of our software audits are:

  • Bank accounts not reconciled
  • Debtors in the 90 plus day column. Sometimes you’ll think they’ve paid or maybe you don’t understand why these people aren’t paying. Are they even being chased?
  • Creditors in the 90 plus day column even though you think you’ve paid. This doesn’t make for a good relationship for your suppliers.  Are these accurate?
  • GST returns either not completed or not finalized. Are you sure they are being filed and more importantly paid on time to ensure you avoid penalties and interest charges
  • GST, FBT and PAYE returns – are they accurate?? Do you have a process for someone checking these?
  • Missing source documents
  • Assets either incorrectly coded or not set up correctly
  • Petty Cash not balancing – where has the money gone
  • Credit card issues

The list could go on and be pages long but if any of these sounds familiar then let’s talk about getting your software audited.

The longer you leave it – the greater the risk you are running. Why not make an software audit part of your annual process?

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