We regularly see inaccurate payroll files – as we keep saying, the NZ Payroll is complicated.

Magnifying glass sitting on top of a page of account numbers

Forensic Accounting

Pay rate, tax or annual leave corrections – sort outs

Sometimes this is brought to our attention because you’re having a payroll audit, sometimes you know something isn’t right but aren’t sure what and sometimes you’ve found the problem but don’t know how to fix it.

The following is a list of the things we see go wrong most often with payroll:

  • Not having employment contracts for your staff or having staff start employment before they have an employment contract (the 90 day trial period is voided if you don’t have the contract in place before they start)
  • No timesheets or record keeping of some description for hours
  • No record keeping for leave
  • Incorrect calculations for leave
  • Incorrect final pays
  • Statutory holidays – no recording of them and alternate holidays if staff worked on them
  • Not providing payslips

Payroll Services

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If any of these sound familiar then lets talk about getting your payroll software audited and corrected. The longer you leave it – the bigger the mess will be to sort out.