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3rd Arm Admin

Bookkeeping | Payroll | Administration

If you feel you’re dedicating more time and energy than necessary, towards your bookkeeping or administration tasks, then give yourself some relief and call us.

We’re specialists in bookkeepingpayroll and outsourced administrators. Experts at completing business paperwork. Think of us as your virtual assistant!

Many of our clients have successfully decreased their overall bookkeeping and administration costs by subcontracting these activities to our experienced team.

They no longer need to search for experienced staff, pay exorbitant agency fees or continually train new staff on bookkeeping and administration procedures. They simply let us take care of the paperwork, for them.

As we’re a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, we’ll seamlessly complete all your bookkeeping and administration tasks, so you’re able to free up time and resources for actual business development.

And, because your business needs are individual, your 3rd Arm Admin service is completely customised to suit you and your business needs.


Our comprehensive services, proven to improve your business.
As bookkeeping experts keeping your books in order, is something we like to do. And, something we’re great at.
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Accounting Software can become of huge help to your day-to-day accounting needs once you've mastered it.
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We are highly experienced in all the different payroll procedures and processes, including payroll tax requirements.
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Even though most administrative tasks are simple and easy, they easily consume valuable time in your day.
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