Staff are the most important asset of any business so getting the right people and having the appropriate documentation and processes in place to manage those people, is crucial in running a happy and successful business.

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Human Resources

We can offer the following to assist you:

Staff recruitment (including writing ads, reviewing applications, conducting interviews and reference checks)

Recruitment can be a very time-consuming process and getting the right fit for your business can be difficult. Quite often people hire the ‘best out of a bad bunch’ which just delays what will become a headache down the track.  Ensuring you have a robust recruitment process will prove to be your saving grace.  Working in conjunction with you we can take the lead on:

  • writing exciting and informative ads aimed at attracting the right person
  • review applications against the criteria required for the role
  • conducting interviews and shortlisting only the best candidates for your review
  • carry out reference checks which are crucial in the recruitment process but are often not done
Employment contracts

These can be quite complex and there are many things that need to be considered and included given our employment legislation and compliance. We have knowledge and know how to ensure that your employment contracts are fit for purpose.


Developing position descriptions

Every role needs one as it provides an outline of the main duties and responsibilities that are involved in a particular role. It can also provide a foundation for performance management, job evaluation and training.  We understand the process and information required in developing a comprehensive position description and will be able to develop robust descriptions saving you valuable time and effort


Assisting with staff training

Often the person needing training is an administrator or bookkeeper and you’re not quite sure what training they require, what they need to know – you just want your office to run smoothly. The team at 3rd Arm Admin do this all day every day and love training and upskilling your staff.  Everything from software support to bookkeeping skills to general administration processes and procedures.

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Virtual Assistant Services

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