Do you feel like you want to add value to your clients or just share your news, grow the awareness of your business or just share interesting information with likeminded people who may in turn become your clients?  A newsletter is a good way to convey your knowledge, information relevant to your business, interesting insights and tidbits to a wider audience.

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Business Communications

We can help you by:

Organising your database

You have a list of contacts but they are all over the place or across many different devices and systems. We can pool these together and have one source making it easier to target specific clients or send bulk communications.


Creating a newsletter template, sourcing content and sending out your newsletter

You have all the knowledge of your business and industry however you want to share it with your contacts, clients and followers but you’re not sure how to put it together. Using various software applications, we can create a template and include the content/blogs you choose and ensure that it gets out to your audience on a regular basis.  Even when you are not sure what content to include, we can source interesting news and tips that are relevant to your industry.

Creating brochures/flyers

Flyers, brochures or small handouts/giveaways can be an effective way to showcase your businesses offerings, products or services. We can help with the design of these ensuring there is consistency in regard to language, format, your company’s culture and branding.


Putting together presentations

Presentations, whether they are internally delivered to your team or externally to potential clients, need to capture your audience’s attention. Designing and formatting the content can take some time especially if it’s not your forte.  We can remove this hassle for you and put together presentations which are eye catching and portray the message you are trying to deliver.

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Virtual Assistant Services

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