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Help grow successful communities by assisting and empowering NZ business owners to achieve success by having control and clarity over their financial position.

Our Mission

To enable and support NZ businesses by streamlining systems and procedures and providing up to date and accurate information to enable profitable and sustainable businesses.

Our Values

  • Client Commitment
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Fun

The 3rd Arm Admin Team


Sue Inkersell

Managing Director

After many years working across a number of industries including Government, construction and client service based businesses, Sue wanted to be able to make a difference to not just one but multiple businesses all while juggling a young family. So, in 2007, she founded 3rd Arm Admin Ltd.

Sue’s driving force is around achieving success for small businesses in NZ. She firmly believes that her client’s success is her success. She is big on relationships, collaboration and team work to help our clients achieve that success.

Coming from a farming background Sue truly understands the importance of the numbers, but also understands that it is about more than just the numbers– it’s also about the people and all working to our strengths. Not everyone is good at running a business but with the right support around them we aim to change that and help you run a successful business and achieve your goals.

Sue believes that the best business decisions are based on accurate and up-to-date information. Transparent and efficient bookkeeping systems and processes put you in control and give you the ability to make these decisions. She also believes that one size does not fit all and so loves working with you to ‘deep dive’ into what your goals are and coming up with the best way to achieve them.

When not at work you will probably find Sue doing what she loves most – spending time with her family and friends, whether it be shopping, boating or motor racing, so long as it’s with the family she is happy.


Candice Burgess

Practice Manager

Candice is our Practice Manager for 3rd Arm Admin. Her role is to manage the day to day operations of 3rd Arm Admin to ensure things run smoothly. From looking at different software platforms to rolling them out to the business and the team is all part of Candice’s role to guarantee our internal company processes and systems are slick and up to date.

Candice’s 22+ years of administration experience is made up from several industries including travel, insurance and banking to name a few. She loves improving and streamlining processes, taking on new challenges, learning new things and really making a difference. Candice is willing and able to tackle anything thrown her way.

When not at work Candice likes to keep active and can be found at the gym (being a self-proclaimed gym junkie). She has a passion for clothes, shoes and handbags and being very social she also loves to catchup with family and friends over a cheeky wine or 3!


Linda Cunningham

Senior Bookkeeper

Linda has been with 3rd Arm Admin since 2013. Her background has always been in office administration which evolved into bookkeeping in her early 20’s.   She trained as an Accounting Technician and became hooked on bookkeeping.

Linda thoroughly enjoys the variety in her role – no two days are ever the same. Her aim is to make the bookkeeping / payroll stress free for clients, so they can get on with what they love to do.

Linda is really an outdoors girl at heart. When she is not working you will find her at yoga, long walks on the beach with her dog, bike riding adventures, horse riding, and coffee/ wine outings with family and friends.


Karen Mason

Senior Bookkeeper

Karen started with 3rd Arm Admin in late 2018 as a bookkeeper. Karen has a background in all things finance with freight and logistics companies, government and small engineering. Her favourite job of the past was working for global shipping company P&O before they were bought out by Nedlloyd.

Karen loves a good bookkeeping conundrum to try and work through. She is keen to understand how things work, so that she can offer useful input. The detail is important to her as it’s the nitty gritty info that make up the full picture, so one thing that you can be 100% sure of is that Karen will leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of a situation.

Karen is a keen sportsperson and plays softball and netball and dabbles with squash. Her and her partner are the parents of grown sons.  When not playing sport, Karen keeps busy by being involved in the running of it. She also loves catching up with her friends – including organising some great local and overseas girls’ trips.


Ellie Kennard

Ellie brings a fresh and young perspective to the office.  While this is her first role in an office environment she has taken to bookkeeping like a duck to water and is proving to be a valuable member of the team.   In her previous part time roles, not only did Ellie develop a brilliant and all-important work ethic, but she also brings crucial interpersonal attributes including loyalty, being trustworthy and dedication to her work and the team.  She loves her job, especially helping customers fix their problems and making it easier for them to run their business.

Outside of work Ellie is very sporty and plays competitive softball in the summer and netball in the winter.  When not playing sport Ellie is a self-proclaimed foodie and coffee drinker and never turns down the offer of a coffee if one is going around the office.

Teresa Baker

Teresa Baker

Accounts Administrator

Teresa brings her 21 years of conveyancing experience, running her own business together with different positions as an Office Manager and Administrator.   To add to her already impressive work history and experience, Teresa has a degree in Bachelor of Applied Management majoring in Accounting.  Bookkeeping and working with numbers has always interested Teresa and so getting paid to do this as a job is a bonus!  She loves making it easier for a business owner to run his/her business by being all over their accounts.

Outside of work Teresa is very busy with her young family running them around to all their activities and sports events.  She is a firm believer that if the kids are kept busy they stay out of trouble.


Gina Hubbard

Gina has over 25 years of accounting experience which includes office management in the industrial sprayer and motor vehicle industries, project management, HR management, business analysis and performance management within the IT industry.  She has also been running her own business over the last 2 years.

Gina enjoys building relationships and delivering accurate and efficient work that helps clients run their businesses smarter and easier.

Outside of working at 3rd Arm Admin Gina is a keen motorsport fan who loves to spend time with her husband and two teenage sons and runs her own life coaching business.


Linda Bui

Linda recently joined the 3rd Arm Admin team bringing over 17 years’ of experience across a number of industries in the Wellington region.  Her past roles include sample maker and quality control while second in charge of the department within the fashion industry.  Linda has also been running a small trade business for almost 2 years.

Linda loves numbers and has a strong passion for financial and accounting activities.  She is committed to pursuing a career pathway in this field and is currently undertaking an accounting course.  Starting as a bookkeeper  3rdArm Admin is like a dream comes true to her.  Her key driver is to make the bookkeeping / payroll stress free for clients, so they can run their businesses smarter making it easier to get on with what they love to do.

Outside of work Linda enjoys spending time with her children and family, doing some cooking, gardening and also continuing to run a small business.


Andrea Munroe

Andrea is a recent addition to the team, bringing 13+ years’ experience in marketing, management, data analysis, and administrative roles across a range of industries.

Andrea has a passion to support New Zealand business owners; our courageous, responsible, hard-working individuals who are so essential to sustaining our beautiful country and its people.

Her key driver is to help businesses work smarter, reducing costs through simplifying and automating, and ensuring easy access to useful information.

Alongside her work at 3AA, Andrea is pursuing a Bachelor of Health Science.  She can be found on weekends chatting with friends over coffee or planting out asparagus seedlings in her backyard.

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