Do you ever run out of time in your day to do those small but important tasks? Then when you finally get to them, they have piled up so high that you spend more time than necessary catching up rather than getting on with your day job?

Person collecting mail from a post box

Business Operating Tasks

To ensure the smooth running of the business we can do the following:

Data entry

This can be time consuming if you don’t know your way around a keyboard. Being part of our daily grind, we can key all data whether it be into a spreadsheet, database or other software with speed and accuracy.


Mail collection and dissemination

Have a post office box that you never get around to emptying? We can schedule a regular pickup day and time so that mail is never missed.  For local businesses we will personally drop this mail to your door and distribute as required


Do you still collect money and cheques from clients but then leave it sitting in your draw or in a safe place till you get to the bank? As with mail collection, for local businesses we can schedule a regular time to collect and bank all funds received.


Inventory monitoring and analysis

If you have inventory in your business there is no faster way to leak money than to have too much stock or have stock items going missing but not sure where they are. Maybe its more that your accounting system tells you that you have 10 items in stock but when you go out the back you have 40 – where have the other 30 come from? This is often a huge drain on cashflow and reviewing and managing your inventory will often help sort your cashflow and also make your accounts make sense.

Outside a bank looking up at the sky with the sign on building
Person counting stock and adding the numbers into a tablet

This is a vital part of your accounts for your business, but often a part that is missed because people simply don’t have time.  We have staff available to help you with the whole process from preparation to actually helping record the count to getting it entered into your stock system


Having the peace of mind that all those regular and necessary tasks are under control will help you to get on with doing what you do best, knowing that our team of virtual assistants are taking care of your admin.

Virtual Assistant Services

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