Sometimes, despite all the best intentions, you’ve got way behind with your bookkeeping.


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Accounting Software Rebuilds

Maybe its that you’re behind in filing GST returns, or are looking to borrow money and can’t provide the accounts to the bank to do so because your accounts are so far behind.

Perhaps end of financial year has rolled around again and you still have nothing to provide to the Accountant. It may even be as simple as not wanting to work weekends and late nights to catch up. Worse still there may have been an “event” and for whatever reason you’ve lost some of your data. If this sounds like you then you need a rebuild.

The 3rd Arm Admin team are experts at software rebuilds. Whether it be in MYOB, Xero, MoneyWorks or your preferred software, let us help you get back under control, minimize the stress levels and reduce your ‘to do list” by getting your accounts up to date and allow you to keep Inland Revenue, your bank, Accountant, customers and suppliers happy.

Once your rebuild is completed we can then either continue to complete your bookkeeping for you or help you with training, systems and processes to ensure you don’t get into the same position again.

Accounting Software Services

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The 3rd Arm Admin team are experts at software rebuilds.