How often have you gone to update a report or document but can’t work out why you can’t delete that extra line or how to centre the heading?   Or you insert an image but then can’t move it to exactly where you need it?  Racking your brain following your meeting as you have forgotten what action you were supposed to take?

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Documentation and Reports

Whether it be having a document that is correctly formatted to start with which makes those amendments so much easier or having a true and accurate record of the meeting you attended, using our virtual assistant service, we can help with:

Formatting documents, reports and presentations

Using Microsoft products and other software, we can customise and streamline your business documents ensuring they flow and are professionally presented including consistent formatting, use of graphics where applicable and your company branding.

Documenting SOP’s, policies and procedures

Is your business prepared for when staff are on leave or resign from your company? To ensure those all-important tasks continue to run we can help document your SOPs, so the business doesn’t grind to halt at those crucial times


Proof reading

Need a fresh pair of eyes? Sometimes mistakes can be missed when you’ve gone over something time and time again.  Let us be that second pair of eyes to help ensure accuracy of your business documents

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Creating templates

Time is money and reinventing or reworking your emails/documents/spreadsheets for every project or proposal is wasting valuable resources. We can create templates for your business reducing the time and effort required from you and with the added bonus of providing consistency across all your business material


Minute taking

It’s hard to be an active participant in a meeting when you also have to note down what was discussed and agreed. We can take minutes in your important meetings therefore allowing you to concentrate on the conversation while we note down those decisions and actions, so nothing is missed

Letter composition

You may know what you want to say but just can’t get the words out or don’t have time. We can compose business letters on your behalf using the correct tone and language to reflect your company image and culture


Creating and formatting spreadsheets

Spreadsheets can be a complex and daunting task, let alone time consuming to put together if you are unsure of how to utilise all the various formulas and formatting tools. We use spreadsheets every day and can format and present your data so all you have to do is read it.

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Having all your business documents in order and looking consistent gives your business a more professional and uniform feel and allows you to get on with doing what you do best knowing that your admin is being taken care of.

Virtual Assistant Services

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