What tasks can I outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

Ever feel like there’s not enough hours in the day or you’re constantly chasing your tail catching up on office admin?   Imagine having more time to do the things you want and love to do.  Well you can by simply outsourcing any of the following tasks.

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  • Typing up quotes, letters or reports
  • Write letters or other business communications to clients and/or suppliers
  • Decipher and transcribe from handwritten notes or audio to a typed document
  • Proofread your documents, reports or any business material to ensure no mistakes
  • Make your reports, quotes, letters look amazing by adding your logo, pages numbers etc
  • Setup templates for those quotes, proposals or letters that have most of the same info – you just fill in the gaps
  • Make your spreadsheets make sense by adding totals, percentages or other formulas and filtering information so it’s easy to read
  • Document your company processes, procedures and policies so your business doesn’t fall over when you take a holiday

Virtual Personal Assistant

  • Answer your phone, take messages and process voicemail messages
  • Book your appointments and meetings, diarise reminders directly into your calendar
  • Check your emails and delete spam and unnecessary clutter
  • Setup email templates, automate and schedule email responses
  • Organise your business travel, booking flights, accommodation and rental car
  • Take meeting minutes, noting important decisions and action points
  • Setup meetings, typing up agendas, inviting and sending agendas to attendees
  • Organise events and functions, booking venue, catering, creating and sending invitations
  • Run personal errands (organise gifts, flowers etc)
  • Book personal appointments (doctor, dentist, school etc.)
  • Respond on your behalf to invitations to events, functions etc
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Business Communications

Business Communications

  • Send thank you and other reminder emails to clients, customers and suppliers
  • Create a list of all your contacts, clients and suppliers in one place
  • Send out multiple letters using mail merge, printing labels and/or envelopes
  • Sign letters/reports by inserting your very own digital signature
  • Create and design flyers, brochures, reports and presentations
  • Keep your contacts up to date with a newsletter that we can create, design, setup and send out
  • Distribute all client communications and material

Business Operating Tasks

  • Data entry of your quotes, figures, invoices, stock numbers etc.
  • If you deal with stock we can assist with stocktakes and updating your inventory management system
  • Do you have a post office box but never get round to emptying it?  We can collect your mail and drop off to your door
  • Setup an online filing system making those business documents, reports and quotes easy to find
  • Going paperless is 100% possible – we can set you up for this
Business Operating Tasks
Debtors, Creditors & Bank Recs

Debtors, Creditors & Bank Recs

  • Prepare and send debtor invoices and statements
  • Chase up outstanding payments
  • Enter creditor invoices into your accounting software or help automate this
  • Setup payments for your approval
  • Ensure all transactions, including expenses are entered and coded correctly
  • Make sure your bank accounts match your accounting software by reconciling your transactions
  • Run reports so that you can see where your accounts are at

Social Media Management

  • Setup social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc
  • Schedule social media posts
  • Assist with sourcing social media posts
Social Media

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